Tape backup related codes

Tapedrive status bits messages

While working with tape drives you get sometimes a bit cryptic messages from the drive. With this page I would like to create a list of messages and what they mean. Just to make life more easy.

If you have more... please let me know at dleeuw at made-it dot com.

Begining Of Tape. Means the tape is at the start, you do not need to do a rewind.
D_6250 D_1600 D_800
This "generic" status information reports the current density setting for 9-track 1/2 inch tape drives only.
The tape is positioned at the end of recorded data. DDS specific.
The tape is positioned just after a filemark.
A tape operation has reached the physical End Of Tape.
Door is open. Depending on the type of drive, this usually means that the drive does not have a tape in place.
Immediate report mode. This bit is set if there are no guarantees that the data has been physically written to the tape when the write call returns. It is set to zero only when the driver does not buffer data and the drive is set not to buffer data.
A tape is loaded, so backups can be made.
The tape is currently positioned at a setmark. DDS specific.
The write protection on the drive is on. Meaning no data can be written to the drive.

MTX error codes (Sense codes)

Additional Sense CodeAdditional Sense QualifierDescription
0001Filemark detected
0002End-of-partition/medium detected
0003Setmark detected
0004Beginning-of-partition/medium detected
0005End-of-data detected
0006I/O process terminated
0011Audio play operation in progress
0012Audio play operation paused
0013Audio play operation successfully completed
0014Audio play operation stopped due to error
0015No current audio status to return
0100No index/sector signal
0200No seek complete
0300Peripheral device write fault
0301No write current
0302Excessive write errors
0400Logical unit not ready
0401Logical unit is in process of becoming ready
0402Logical unit not ready
0403Logical unit not ready
0404Logical unit not ready
0500Logical unit does not respond to selection
0600No reference position found
0700Multiple peripheral devices selected
0800Logical unit communication failure
0801Logical unit communication time-out
0802Logical unit communication parity error
0900Track following error
0901Tracking servo failure
0902Focus servo failure
0903Spindle servo failure
0A00Error log overflow
0C00Write error
0C01Write error recovered with auto reallocation
0C02Write error - auto reallocation failed
1000Id crc or ecc error
1100Unrecovered read error
1101Read retries exhausted
1102Error too long to correct
1103Multiple read errors
1104Unrecovered read error - auto reallocate failed
1105L-ec uncorrectable error
1106Circ unrecovered error
1107Data resynchronization error
1108Incomplete block read
1109No gap found
110AMiscorrected error
110BUnrecovered read error - recommend reassignment
110CUnrecovered read error - recommend rewrite the data
1200Address mark not found for id field
1300Address mark not found for data field
1400Recorded entity not found
1401Record not found
1402Filemark or setmark not found
1403End-of-data not found
1404Block sequence error
1500Random positioning error
1501Mechanical positioning error
1502Positioning error detected by read of medium
1600Data synchronization mark error
1700Recovered data with no error correction applied
1701Recovered data with retries
1702Recovered data with positive head offset
1703Recovered data with negative head offset
1704Recovered data with retries and/or circ applied
1705Recovered data using previous sector id
1706Recovered data without ecc - data auto-reallocated
1707Recovered data without ecc - recommend reassignment
1800Recovered data with error correction applied
1801Recovered data with error correction and retries applied
1802Recovered data - data auto-reallocated
1803Recovered data with circ
1804Recovered data with lec
1805Recovered data - recommend reassignment
1900Defect list error
1901Defect list not available
1902Defect list error in primary list
1903Defect list error in grown list
1A00Parameter list length error
1B00Synchronous data transfer error
1C00Defect list not found
1C01Primary defect list not found
1C02Grown defect list not found
1D00Miscompare during verify operation
1E00Recovered id with ecc correction
2000Invalid command operation code
2100Logical block address out of range
2101Invalid element address
2200Illegal function (should use 20 00
2400Invalid field in cdb
2500Logical unit not supported
2600Invalid field in parameter list
2601Parameter not supported
2602Parameter value invalid
2603Threshold parameters not supported
2700Write protected
2800Not ready to ready transition (medium may have changed)
2801Import or export element accessed
2900Power on
2A00Parameters changed
2A01Mode parameters changed
2A02Log parameters changed
2B00Copy cannot execute since host cannot disconnect
2C00Command sequence error
2C01Too many windows specified
2C02Invalid combination of windows specified
2D00Overwrite error on update in place
2F00Commands cleared by another initiator
3000Incompatible medium installed
3001Cannot read medium - unknown format
3002Cannot read medium - incompatible format
3003Cleaning cartridge installed
3100Medium format corrupted
3101Format command failed
3200No defect spare location available
3201Defect list update failure
3300Tape length error
3700Rounded parameter
3900Saving parameters not supported
3A00Medium not present
3B00Sequential positioning error
3B01Tape position error at beginning-of-medium
3B02Tape position error at end-of-medium
3B03Tape or electronic vertical forms unit not ready
3B04Slew failure
3B05Paper jam
3B06Failed to sense top-of-form
3B07Failed to sense bottom-of-form
3B08Reposition error
3B09Read past end of medium
3B0ARead past beginning of medium
3B0BPosition past end of medium
3B0CPosition past beginning of medium
3B0DMedium destination element full
3B0EMedium source element empty
3D00Invalid bits in identify message
3E00Logical unit has not self-configured yet
3F00Target operating conditions have changed
3F01Microcode has been changed
3F02Changed operating definition
3F03Inquiry data has changed
4300Message error
4400Internal target failure
4500Select or reselect failure
4600Unsuccessful soft reset
4700Scsi parity error
4800Initiator detected error message received
4900Invalid message error
4A00Command phase error
4B00Data phase error
4C00Logical unit failed self-configuration
4E00Overlapped commands attempted
5000Write append error
5001Write append position error
5002Position error related to timing
5100Erase failure
5200Cartridge fault
5300Media load or eject failed
5301Unload tape failure
5302Medium removal prevented
5400Scsi to host system interface failure
5500System resource failure
5700Unable to recover table-of-contents
5800Generation does not exist
5900Updated block read
5A00Operator request or state change input (unspecified)
5A01Operator medium removal request
5A02Operator selected write protect
5A03Operator selected write permit
5B00Log exception
5B01Threshold condition met
5B02Log counter at maximum
5B03Log list codes exhausted
5C00Rpl status change
5C01Spindles synchronized
5C02Spindles not synchronized
6000Lamp failure
6100Video acquisition error
6101Unable to acquire video
6102Out of focus
6200Scan head positioning error
6300End of user area encountered on this track
6400Illegal mode for this track